About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Why choose Us.

Our Global experience in field of Quality and Industry best practices, we believe Decisive Quality is in our DNA and support the Industries/ Academics for their growth. Opinnex has a dynamic team dedicated to work 24/7 and help our clients to achieve the desired results.

Our Mission.

To be a part of cultural change in organization for the development of the business and develop people for excellence.

What we Do.

We help our customers to understand the system improvement needs and improve the same by implementing and mentoring the cross functional teams for sustainable growth of their organization. We help the academic students to understand the basic Industrial knowledge in-turn helping them to become entrepreneur or smooth career entry.

About Opinnex

Opinnex started with a Vision of cultural transformation in the field of Quality, Lean and Environmental best practices for smart industries. We work for the end to end solutions for process optimization through innovative ideas ,identifying the improvisation requirements , deploying sustainable actions for the identified solutions and training the team for continuous focused improvement in the organization.

Our services shall help our clients to breed for next generation systems and fulfil the customers expectations in terms of Quality Management and Industry best practices.

Who we are

We are a team of professional experts worked in reputed Global fortune 500 MNC’s from past 2 decades in the area of Supplier Quality developments / Validations / Audits / Gap Analysis and helped to sustain Suppliers in Global Market.

We Focus on “ Cultural Transformation “ will help our clients to make market leaders in respective businesses.

We help our clients to have a best systems and contribute to our national vision of Make in India.

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Founder & CEO


Having 20+ years of Industrial experience working for Global leading MNC’s (American, European & Japanese) in the area of Quality Systems , Operational Excellence , Supplier developments , Setting up Greenfield Projects etc.

Now its time to transfer my knowledge on methodologies , tools , systems which is learnt , practiced and implemented during my professional career.

Simultaneously, learning continues for me by meeting different generation of people, their understandings on the standard practices visualizing the implementations and how we use these learning's for improving our society digitally.

As a individual I believe “ Continuous Improvement “ is the way of life to balance in Personal and Professional growth.

This passion of continuous improvement has given me the leading edge to start “Opinnex”

Our Focus on cultural Transformation will definitely help our clients to make unique in their area.